We Power Tech Ideas !
Tech E.I.G. Empowers Young People to Think Technology !

We offer a helping hand to young African Doers!

Tech E.I.G seeks to redirect the interest of the African youth, especially the Ghanaian youth, in emerging technologies into an employment machine. We believe innovation is key to job creation. We seek to achieve this by bringing the youths with complementary skills together to form exploratory tech startup teams to at least try the processes and techniques Tech E.I.G. is advocating. The youth will leverage the skills of each other and in consultation with subject matter experts, seek marketable solutions to societal problems. At the core of this is innovation; not innovation to go into archives but for DOERS to implement them with the support of Tech E.I.G.

This will therefore help reduce unemployment in the focus population and give them the opportunity to think big and to wake up sleeping innovators amongst the African youth. We provide the focus population with the right framework and guidance to stir up the talents in the youth with the “Let’s do it” attitude.
We are not only providing the youth with the necessary tools and techniques but assure them of financial Support. Standby financiers are ready to support marketable solutions from hardworking youth teams.

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The base of this project is to give young Africans the opportunity to come out with innovative IDEAS that will solve societal problems.

Tech E.I.G. will coach young Africans to jump in with the “Let’s do it” attitude instead of going back to the classrooms.

The project uses the “Let’s do it” attitude, where the youth meet, “think up” together, research and go through the processes and techniques.

Tech E.I.G. coaches them and they create a minimum viable product (MVP) to show to investors.

They go through iterations of it and if they come up with a marketable idea, then they are in business!