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1. Tech E.I.G. Mentors/Coaches: Do you have any skill or expertise in any area that can help make a difference in the lives of young educated Ghanaians? You will provide the necessary skill and guidance needed for teams and participants of the Tech E.I.G. project.
The project provides participating youth teams with mentors or coaches with experience in technology or business, who mentor the teams into developing a marketable product or service as well as manage their own business. You can volunteer as a mentor or a life coach. Your experience and knowledge in emerging technologies or business can help change the life of a young Ghanaian thinker.

2. Tech E.I.G. Team: Are you a serious individual who wants to participate in the collaborative experimentation of ideas to begin tech startup firms and hence create jobs for your peers in Ghana? Don’t be a sleeping innovator. Tech E.I.G. will help you wake up! Remember innovation leads to job creation. For more details, please review “Tech EIG Team

3. Tech E.I.G. Investors/Donors: Are you a benevolent individual (or organization), who wants to make a difference in the Ghanaian youths’ effort to innovate and create jobs? Are you an investor who is looking for good returns on your resources? To know other areas where you can make a difference with the youth through Tech E.I.G. click on the Donate/Invest link.

4. Tech E.I.G. Support Staff: Interested in volunteering as local or foreign coordinator for Tech E.I.G? Interested in taking on Internship position with Tech E.I.G.? Interested in undertaking marketing, administrative and other positions with Tech E.I.G?

5. Tech E.I.G. Partners: Interested in partnering with Tech E.I.G.?


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To know other areas where you can get involve with Tech E.I.G. click the SUPPORT US link