Serious About Forming a Tech E.I.G. Team to Begin Collaborative
Experimentation of Ideas with Your Peers?

Are you a serious individual who wants to participate in collaborative experimentation of ideas with your peers to begin a tech startup firm and hence create jobs in Ghana? Don’t be a sleeping innovator. Tech E.I.G. will help wake you up! Remember innovation leads to job creation.
I will introduce the explanation of what is expected of the focus population in the Tech E.I.G. project with a quote from the Wall Street Journal by the Chairman of the global board, Entrepreneurs’ Organization:

Ideas Are Abundant; Drive Isn’t
Perhaps the greatest factor that determines whether or not an entrepreneur will be successful isn’t the business idea itself, but rather the entrepreneur’s willingness to try (and keep trying) to turn the idea into reality. Great ideas are abundant, but it’s what we decide to do with them that counts.”
Samer Kurdi,
Chairman of the global board, Entrepreneurs’ Organization


The goal of “Tech E.I.G.” is to challenge and redirect the educated Ghanaian youth, to refocus their interest in emerging technologies into becoming technology entrepreneurs. This will give them the opportunity to dream big and to wake up sleeping innovators amongst the African youth; and therefore help reduce unemployment.

The focus population in this project is the educated Ghanaian youth, “economically hungry” but with keen interest in emerging technologies. This population is generally very energetic, ready to roll their sleeves to work but mostly underemployed due to the economic environment they find themselves in.

At the core of this project is innovation; not innovation to go into archives but for DOERS to implement them with the support of Tech E.I.G. We provide the focus population with the right framework and guidance to stir up the talents in the youth with the “Let’s do it” attitude. We seek to achieve this by bringing the youths with complementary skills together to form exploratory tech start-up teams to at least try the processes and techniques Tech E.I.G. is advocating. The youth will leverage the skills of each other and in consultation with subject matter experts; they will seek marketable solutions to societal problems. The underlining understanding is that innovation leads to job creation and it will help address the unemployment challenge in Ghana.

Of course, there will be the Naysayers and there are those who believe there is a sinister plan go gather ideas from the youth and bolt with them. Understand that I did not relocate to Ghana because of this Tech E.I.G. project; but upon seeing the situation on the ground, I was disturbed and was led into starting this initiative. The unemployment situation saddens me and I plan to dive deep into this project if I see that the focus population I am interested in helping are truly “hungry” and will dive in with me.

While testing the waters to see the response from this focus population and I am mindful of the different groups of young people out there:
Type 1: There are those who will take a shot at any new thing in hopes to succeed. This group goes after success and they seek to become the employers.
Type 2: There are also, those who naturally don’t have the drive to start things on their own and would rather become employees. This second group always hopes that success finds them.

I am therefore, not expecting everyone to jump at this idea right away, just that my team and I will probably have to work a bit harder.
You see, this Tech E.I.G. project that I am embarking on may sound too abstract to others to even ponder, yet I am taking the bull by the horn to see whether the stakeholders will support the concept and put in the necessary resources behind it. I am taking a shot at something new in hopes to succeed.
And that is exactly what I hope to see in the focus population that I am targeting. Will a large number of the focus population give it a shot? Time will tell because I believe there are sleeping innovators in Ghana that I want to wake up.

In brief, I want to put the youth in this focus population on a path to form exploratory working teams to become Tech Entrepreneurs; and even if some teams are unsuccessful to make a break, they would have learned techniques and processes to carry them forward to build startup firms in other fields they want. So, I am interested in you becoming innovators, setting up firms and eventually hiring others instead of spending so much time with emerging technology simple to socialize, play games or be involved in internet scams.


So if you and a group of young thinkers would like to give the process a shot, then click on the GET INVOLVED link to register.

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