Your Donations or Investment will help Transform
an Innovative Idea into an Innovative Product or Service


People like you can make a difference !

Your financial support can go a long way to bring ideas from many young African thinkers into reality. The Ghanaian youth need the motivation and direction to move forward their “ideas”; this is the course that Tech E.I.G seeks to champion: to help the youth use their own initiatives to place themselves as employers and hire others by turning great marketable ideas into reality with the “Let’s do it” attitude. “Tech E.I.G.” challenges and redirects the educated Ghanaian youth, to refocus their interest in emerging technologies into becoming technology entrepreneurs. This will give the youth the opportunity to dream big and to wake up sleeping innovators amongst the African youth.

This project will help remove the youth from unsavory activities and occupy them with activities poised with a great potential. We provide the necessary platform for young African thinkers to move forward great ideas.
Your input and contribution are much welcome, let’s provide the youth with all that is needed to help them dream big and move forward great ideas.

1. Organizational Funding:

Funds to sustain the organization, to implement and to push the project idea to the “focus population”. Your generous financial contribution can help pay staff, hire venues for workshops, take care of transportation, and fund other operating expenses.
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2. Standby Fund 1 (Conditionally Committed Reserve – Return on Investment is Expected):

The Tech E.I.G. youth teams will have to prove themselves by financing their ideas up to a demonstrable level with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), in order to be considered for this type of fund. Once the submitted MVP meets Tech E.I.G. requirements, depending on the donor conditions the youth team may receive this fund. Most importantly, by committing to this fund, the donor from the onset is inspiring the youth team to work harder. As such, this fund is an assurance to the participating youth teams that when a great and marketable idea is generated, there will be financial support to see them through from the “idea” to the implementation stage. This is not a gift from the donor; there will be a return on investment in a successful venture. This type of fund is critical to “Tech E.I.G” since it is the core driver to get the youth to move forward great ideas, into reality.
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3. Standby Fund 2 (Pre-qualification — Direct Youth Engagement):

This fund is set aside to support ideas and concepts with great potential but did not meet the Tech E.I.G. minimum requirement and/or conditions set by donors for Standby Fund 1. This Standby Fund 2 will be used to push those deficient but with great potential ideas, to a level where they can possibly meet funding requirements for Standby Fund 1. It must be noted that, at this point, the youth team would have invested in the idea themselves by funding it up to the development of the MVP and may have to go back to the drawing board with recommendations from “Tech E.I.G” and/or financiers.
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You can donate directly into our Bank account

Bank Wells Fargo Bank
Branch East Windsor, NJ. USA.
Account Name Yaw Frimpong, Tech E.I.G
Account Number 1010302231809
Routing Number (RTN) 021200025
Account Type Current




Bank Universal Merchant Bank
Branch Abeka
Account Name Tech , E.I.G.
Account Number 0131306806014
Account Type Current
Swift Code: mbghghac


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